Work Program

Implementation support

  • Country pilots

    Develop and use a “jobs lens” to implement a job creation strategy in 7 pilot countries. This will include at least one country per region and a mix of country types such as fragile and conflict affected states, low income countries and middle income countries.

    These pilots – through rigorous diagnostics – will help identify 2-4 key strategic sectors which have the potential to create more and better jobs. A comprehensive program to create jobs will then be designed and implemented.

  • Operational Tools

    Develop operational support tools like guidance notes, easy to use diagnostics, good practice lessons and training and learning events for operational teams within IFC and other relevant organizations. This will help the teams to better plan, track, and articulate their projects’ jobs effects, which will then benefit private sector companies and development partners.

Improving data, methodologies and analysis

  • Methodologies

    Develop, refine and apply good practice methodologies for estimating indirect, induced and secondary job effects. This will include sectoral and country specific case studies – both micro and macro. It will also help determine factors that strengthen multiplier ranges for specific sectors and countries.

  • Data

    Explore opportunities to improve the quality of jobs data in developing countries by expanding the scope of the existing Enterprise Surveys.

    Provide timely updates on firms at least once a year outlining trends and issues that affect firm-level performance.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Maximize the global public good aspect of the lessons that are learned.

    Plan annual conferences and events on jobs, create a central website and collaboration workspace to “host” information contributed by IFC and partner institutions and provide regular updates.

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