Vision 2016


  • A Global Partnership

    Let’s Work is a global partnership that unites organizations dedicated to providing effective solutions to the global jobs crisis by harnessing the potential of the private sector to help create more and better jobs that are inclusive.


  • Removing the main constraints

    To work with countries, private sector companies and development practitioners to support private-sector-led job growth by focusing on removing the main constraints to job creation and strengthening value chains.

  • Better Quality Jobs

    To help create more formal sector jobs in developing countries, but also better quality jobs that increase productivity and wages, improve working conditions, and provide more opportunities for everyone – especially women and youth.


  • Country Pilots

    Pilot innovative and multi-stakeholder private-sector-led approaches on job creation in selected countries – in partnership with country governments, the private sector and other stakeholders. The country pilots will have a  two -pronged strategy a) removing constraints to private sector led job creation (e.g. investment climate, access to finance, infrastructure and reducing skills gaps); and b) strengthening value chains in ways that provide opportunities for SMEs, informal sector enterprises, women and youth.

  • New Methods

    Generate new methods and approaches to measure, understand, and strengthen the creation of more and better jobs.

  • Knowledge and Tools

    Systematically gather, generate, test and widely share the best practice knowledge and tools that we all can use to increase our impact on jobs.

By the end of the three year work program, the Let’s Work partnership will prioritize – at the country and sector level – private sector focused activities with respect to jobs. It will provide a differentiated approach depending on whether the main objective is to increase the number of (formal) jobs or to increase the productivity of jobs. This will include not only direct jobs, but also indirect and induced job effects in the value chains of private companies and job effects from better services (e.g. infrastructure and finance). Together with other partner institutions, the Let’s Work partnership will advance and refine methods for how to estimate job effects of private sector activities. There will also be a broad agreement about which methods to use under what circumstances.

Road and mountains

Country Level

At this level, formal jobs could become a key development goal, reinforcing the importance of the private sector. The partnership will help articulate clearly how private sector based interventions contribute to this goal. Although a “project level” numerical goal on jobs is unrealistic within this time frame, projected ranges and orders of magnitude will be articulated.

Sector Level

At this level, jobs will be incorporated into strategies and operational guidance materials. It will be articulated how key activities of development institutions and private companies contribute to job creation, what factors in particular influence the number and quality of jobs created and how we can strengthen these effects. A solid “business case” for an inclusive job creation strategy that creates opportunities for women and youth and improves labor and working conditions will be built.

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