Private Infrastructure Development Group

The Private Infrastructure Development Group (PIDG) mobilises private sector investment to assist developing countries in providing infrastructure vital to boosting their economic growth, and combating poverty.



Roads. Bridges. Ports. Hydro electric plants. Fibre-optic cabling. Without serious investment in infrastructure, no country can deliver sustainable economic growth, no country can lift its people out of poverty. In the developed world it’s easy to take infrastructure for granted. In poor countries the need for essential infrastructure is more urgent, its impact far greater, but the public sector is less able to fund it. Yet without the dramatic acceleration of economic growth that new roads, or power plants deliver, developing countries won’t be able to reduce poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Infrastructure, such as roads or ports, transforms life in the poorest parts of the world, enabling parents to get to work, children to get an education, and families to benefit from economic growth.

Our projects

Through a group of subsidiary companies, PIDG offers specialised financing and project development expertise. Each company can customise the right solution for each set of circumstances. Together, these companies are designed to get infrastructure initiatives off the ground, in countries which find investment hard to attract. Naturally, each company must deliver a return for its investors, but there is a critical difference – it’s equally important that they deliver specific development objectives. Transforming lives as well as landscapes, people as well as projects, is critical to PIDG investments. Through our companies, we bring financial, practical and strategic leadership. We are prepared to be bold and, where appropriate, back investments where other investors fear to tread.

Our Members