The governance structure will aim to balance being nimble on the one hand and collaborative on the other through a three-tiered structure:

  • Steering Group

    Consisting of high-level senior representatives of participating organizations, donors, IFIs and private companies. All members of the Steering Group will make a significant contribution to the partnership – both financial and also in-kind. The Steering Group will provide overall strategic guidance on the work program and priorities.

  • Technical Advisory Group

    Consisting of members from academia, the World Bank, ILO and others, they will play an advisory role and provide technical expertise on specific aspects of the work program.

  • Program Coordination Unit

    The Steering Group and the Technical Advisory Group will be supported by a Program Coordination Unit housed within the World Bank Group Jobs Cross-Cutting Solution Area that will manage the work program, coordinate with partners and share the knowledge widely with stakeholders.

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